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Wellness HQ Online Networking 2nd March Schedule

Speaker Presentation

Wellness HQ are proud to announce that our feature speaker is Simon Pollard of Simple Life Circle!

Simon has been a long-term advocate of wildlife-friendly gardens and is a knowledgeable speaker on the subject. He has extended his experience over the last few years, to include guided walks, connected with talks about nature, encouraging the local community to join him outside, amongst both. He is now excited to bring the outdoors, inside, for everyone to enjoy.

Simon spent many years in education and was a Field teacher for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). He is a self-published author and uses the outdoors as a resource for improving his health and mental wellbeing.

He has a vast knowledge of the countryside and nature that surrounds us and is passionate about sharing this with a wider audience.

Simon is married to Gillian and they have two little rescue dogs, Scruffy and Bruno, who enjoy walking their little legs off daily. Simon can also be seen, on occasion, dressed as a pirate, raising much-needed funds for the Dover Rotary Club.

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