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Are you worried about your eating habits?
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Have you tried to lose weight over and over but still haven’t achieved your goal? Do you feel like you’ve tried every extreme workout or fad diet out there and still not found results?

Let me start by saying that I know what being overweight is like. I’ve literally been there and got the (6 XL) t-shirt! I know first-hand the problems that come with being obese and what it takes to make lasting changes – which is why I’m so passionate about helping you take control and lose the extra fat forever.

Why not start today?

Working with you as your personal weight loss coach, I can help you to make the progress you deserve. With a mix of care, compassion, and candour (read: kick up the bum!), I can support you to make a long-term commitment to becoming the best possible you.

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Weight Loss Coaching

Perhaps you are struggling to achieve your health and weight loss goals, and have repeatedly failed with various diet programmes. 

I can support you to find exercise that you will enjoy and be able to stick with, a balanced and nutritious meal plan, and improve your relationship with food. I can help you to become your best physical self, and importantly keep it that way!

I have supported many clients just like you who are finding this tough to do on their own and  worry about their health.

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I’ve tried every diet under the sun and still yo-yo-ing with my weight.
  • Losing weight feels like a mountain of a task.
  • I make the same promises every year to lose those extra pounds, but never make the progress I set out to.
  • I have no idea what is the right or wrong way to lose weight anymore. I am so confused!
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How does a personal weight loss coach work?

By using my personal and professional experience I can support you on your weight loss journey. I can help you by:

Providing a safe and constructive space

So you can build and achieve your weight loss goals.

Generating a plan of action to implement changes

By assessing your food diary and identifying food habits.

Offering advice and guidance

To educate you on adopting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Holding you to account

By maintaining weekly accountability check-ins and coaching for the duration of the programme.

What’s included in the online weight loss coaching programme?

My tailored weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching programme is delivered via weekly one-to-one online sessions over the course of four weeks. In the programme you will get:

Weekly 30-minute one-to-one online meetings via Zoom.

A private online Food Diary to track your eating habits (alternatively you can use My Fitness Pal app), that both you and I will have access to.

Access to a private Food Planning sheet to manage and plan your weekly food intake and meals.

Healthy eating, nutrition, and lifestyle advice, based on knowledge and skills acquired through my comprehensive training and years of experience. Some of the key areas we will cover include:

Your own proverbial kick up the bum coach!

I will hold you to the task and challenge you to achieve your goals!

Healthy eating, nutrition, and lifestyle advice:

  • Food balance: The importance of macro- and micronutrients in our diet and how to get the balance RIGHT!
  • Portion control: Tips and guidance on how to achieve that all-important portion control that will rocket you to your weight loss dreams.
  • Meal planning: The missing key to making that change you have always wanted. I will give you the support and tips to plan your meals and start losing those pounds!
  • Physical activity: If you struggle to get on your feet and get active, I can give you the tools and guidance to know where to start. Let me kickstart your fitness journey!
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg! By working together, you will unlock the sometimes-confusing world of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, and walk away with a greater understanding of what will work for you – and importantly, what won’t.

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In the consultation we will discuss the service I offer and how it can help you, your challenges with weight loss to date, and if you like my approach then we can book your first sessions and start the process to put a stop to that yo-yo dieting and make permanent positive changes to your lifestyle!

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