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David Breaker

Associate Member of EMCC UK,
Weight-Loss & Life Coach Mentor.

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What a health, weight-loss & life coach can do for you…

I help empower people by giving them tools to achieve their goals, whether that goal is their career, relationships, health or environment. I give them space to move forward with them self’s and believe in improving well-being for a better quality of life.

How I can help you…

Weight-Loss Coaching

Life Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

What is life-coaching?

Positive & successful life coaching is about helping you:

  • Gain greater clarity and understanding
  • Generate your own solutions to problems
  • Removing obstacles to your objectives
  • Transform insights into actions

We all have challenges in life that stop us from achieving what we want. Big dreams and goals that we want to smash out of the park, but feel we are falling short.

Sometimes we look at these dreams and feel like they are a mountain, so big that we could never reach that summit, falling short at that first hurdle.

Kent weight loss coaching

Weight loss coaching is not a fitness programme:

  • Tried every diet under the sun, struggling to keep the weight off & still yo-yo-ing?
  • Want to get over and find the mental battle, what often feels like a mountain of a task?
  • Keep making the same promises every year that you will lose those extra pounds but never make the progress you deserve?

A four week Weight Loss Coaching Programme that helps you get back on track with your weight loss goals via weekly one to one online support – So what’s stopping you from finally achieving your weight loss dreams?

Life Coach & Weight-Loss

Testimonials & Reviews

David showed a clear understanding of my situation and well-being. He is approachable and professional. He was empathic, positive and able to allow me to see things from a different perspective, read more…



Kent - Life Coaching

I’ve tried counselling before, which didn’t help me. Life coaching is a thrilling and empowering type of coaching which suited me better. David prompted me then slowly I began to realise I am worth it and I can do things, read more…



Kent - Life Coaching

Since starting the life coaching I have gained insight into my life, understanding myself better. I have learnt that some things are out of my control and must accept these situations. I have achieved my target of losing 5%, read more…



Kent - Life Coaching

David supplies great support and understanding in a firm but helpful way. He helped me because of his understanding of menu suggestions and support with food choices. The fact that you’ve been through it all yourself helped motivate me, With your help, I have managed, read more…



Kent - Weight Loss Coaching

David is inspiring with his journey and knowing he understood the struggles of what I wanted to achieve was comforting. Helping me understand it’s not just about the scales or even the food but about how I see myself was enlightening. His knowledge of balance meals, read more…



Kent - Weight Loss Coaching

David has helped and guided me through my weight loss journey. His personal and “no sugar coating” approach is refreshing, you can always count on him to tell you like it is. His knowledge and ability to pass on information is amazing, I highly recommend Breakthrough, read more…



Kent - Weight Loss Coaching

About Me…
David Breaker.

My name is David Breaker, and I live in Medway in Kent with my partner.

I started Breakthrough Life Coaching because for me I am passionate about inspiring others to make positive changes. We often have big goals and desires in life but not always sure how to get them. Having been there myself, I now make it my life’s work to help others achieve their dreams.

I am a personal development champion, having gone through a huge shift in my own life.

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Do you want to make a change about yourself or have a goal that is too big to handle?

Feel with some support you could reach the potential within you?

What matters through this process is your path and how we can get you back on it.

I have a passion for encouraging change and supporting you through that. Sometimes we know what we want, that end goal in sight, but don’t know how to get there.

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